“NGO AVC Int.” is the social project tailored for Ukraine by AVC Int. international solution company founded by ATO/OOS veterans and the veterans of the most advanced armies of the world.

Our team is built by the security specialists who implement training principles recognized across the world and supported by their unique experience. Our goal is, using the most up-to-date methods and techniques, to ensure the training of the global level experts who would be able to get employed with the best government agencies and private businesses both in Ukraine and abroad upon graduation.




AVC Int. is an international European operator specialized in training of security experts for the armed forces, government agencies and private businesses.

The company’s instructors are veterans of the Armed Forces and special operations units of Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Israel, Brazil. Each of them has a substantial experience of battle and training operations.

The vast majority of Ukrainian instructors are the veterans of ATO/OOS with extensive combat and training expertise.


Today AVC Int. officially trains specialists in more than 20 areas of expertise described in 72 training programs.

We constantly search and train professionals among:

  • ATO/OOS veterans
  • Retired servicemen
  • Foreign armed forces and law enforcement veterans

The majority of graduates received internationally recognized certificates complying with world’s highest standards.


  • We gathered a perfectly coordinated team of professionals represented by Ukrainian and foreign military veterans
  • We continuously train special operations units (Special Operations Forces, Special Operations Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard of Ukraine, State Tax Service of Ukraine)
  • We developed the unique targeted trainings (S.E.R.E., LEOM, LRPM, MFF feat SWS)
  • We successfully implement international standards (TCCC, ATLS, LRRP + LRPM)
  • The graduates of our courses receive the international standard certificates and get successfully employed by Ukrainian and foreign companies an agencies as qualified specialists.


We created the unique multidisciplinary training center in Kyiv, where we implemented the best cases of the industry leading companies from all over the world.

The center is capable of providing simultaneous training for a group of up to 50 people.

The classes are held in a fully controlled training environment with application of the most up-to-date interactive technologies developed by our specialists based on the best world programs.

Thanks to our cooperation with the government we are able to teach practical classes on the best polygons and training facilities in Ukraine and Europe.

Kyiv training base 3-D model


For the period of its existence, the NGO “AVC Int.” team set up a fruitful cooperation with a number of government agencies and businesses in Ukraine and throughout the world.

Our specialists train units from USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, etc.

We actively participate in development of training programs and professional techniques with such organizations as NAEMT, NRC, EUSECA, Pearson BTEC, IPFA.

Team members regularly act as co-organizers and judges in Ukrainian and international competitions.